This live recording of Paradiya is an unparalleled mix of the West African harp (kora), the Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) and percussion from the Casamance, South Senegal.
On this CD you will find both meditative, atmospheric dreamy and upbeat danceable compositions. Enjoy West African classics, Indian oriented songs and unique compositions all interpreted in a unique way. The musicians complement each other seamlessly and form a close, complete trio, a stunning combination.
Albert Distelbrink - kora and vocals
Kees van Boxtel - bansuri and vocals
Paco Diedhiou - serouba, kess kess, bongo and vocals
Marijke de Bruijn made especially for this live edition about twenty small paintings made of a CD cover of the beautiful Baobab tree. For € 10.00 extra you have the CD with a unique painting. Painting + C.D - Paradiya - Live under the Baobab = € 22.50 including shipping

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Paradia in Paradise2Debute C.D. Paradiya - Paradiya in Paradise

Live recoding of a concert at "Helende Geluiden" in Haarlem

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PP in Paradise master achterkant dubbelMagnify the tumbnail to see the full description of the songs on our CD.
PARADIYA - Beyond Light "Strings and Winds in Unison"
Having played classical music of north India and west Africa for many years, we decided to give our musical experiences a new direction.
This project, a unique collaboration between bansuri (Indian bambooflute) and kora (west African harp), we called "Strings and Winds in Unison".
Rooted in the traditions of Indian classical music and west African griot music, we aim to create our own original compositions, in which the bansuri and kora produce a unique blend. Enjoy the nourishing, meditative sound of Paradiya
header650x450_03Biografy Albert Distelbrink
albertdistelbrink (1)Solo Album Albert Distelbrink
header650x450_04Biografy Kees van Boxtel
We+were+born+to+be+light+shimaShimayana - We were born to be light
World Music band from the Netherlands playing a mix of Indian, Turkisch, and Western music. The Composers of the band are Kees van Boxtel and Jolanda Traarbach
In januari 2008 they started up Shimayana as a band, Kees van Boxtel came back from a long trip to India and was inspired by the Indian classical music. Together with Jolanda they started composing new music with mantra’s. The Amazing Turkisch Ud player Mehmet Polat and Sitar Player Marco Spinello joined the band. And a brand new blend of styles was born. At the moment Shimayana is a forever changing project with every concert new musicians joining and composing
music of the mountainaShimayana - music of the Mountains

2e Cd with new instruments
Cristián Trejo - Hang, Paul Weiling - Sax, Marc Hinrichsen Harp, Kees van Boxtel - Bansuri, Jolanda Traarbach - Vocals


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